Parking Design Consulting


•  Basic layout of parking configuration with required dimensions for vehicle circulation and proper turning maneuverability.

•  Design of ramping system including traffic capacity, ramp slope, required transition slopes, ramp dimensions, etc.

•  Coordination with the structural engineer for impact of columns, shear walls and other structural elements on the parking layout.

•  Recommend location and copy for traffic directional signage.

•  ecommendations for security, both passive and active, in cooperation with the design team and owner’s security personnel.

•  Recommendations for parking and revenue control.
Review of parking level drainage design.

•  Review of parking lighting and electrical design.
Assist with code analysis for the parking portion of the project.


Parking Lighting Design/Lighting Retrofits


•  For existing parking structure projects, measure the existing luminescence to benchmark light levels and determine compliance to existing lighting standards.

•  Recommend enhancements to the existing lighting, if necessary.

•  Evaluate the most cost effective lighting system based on Illuminating Engineering Society Standards.

•  Provide computerized photo-metric analysis of the recommended lighting system.

•  Provide a life cycle cost analysis of alternate lighting options considering fixture cost, installation cost, long term operational cost, and potential lighting rebates.


Automated – Robotic Vehicle Parking Storage/Retrieval Systems


•  Provide schematic design of parking configuration.

•  Based upon peak hour traffic arrivals and departures determine number of entry/exit compartments, number of transport devices and number of lifts required.

•  Provide performance specifications including maximum storage and retrieval times.

•  Assist with pre-qualifying automated parking suppliers and obtaining bids from those suppliers.

•  Assist with coordination of the automated parking system installation requirements with the design of the building shell.

•  Assist with negotiations with the building department and fire department regarding life safety features and code requirements.

•  Assist with commissioning of the completed project.


Parking Expert Witness Testimony


•  With regard to expert witness testimony for personal injury parking litigation in parking garages, determine whether poor lighting was a contributing factor to the incident based on lighting industry standards and target visibility calculations.

•  Participate in depositions.

•  Provide expert testimony in court.