Careers in Valet Parking
and Customer Relations:

Are you interested in becoming part of our Valet Team of individuals who can assist customers with parking in a variety of settings?

The ability to park and retrieve cars carefully is important, but the customer relations component of this career is equally important.

Valets are often the first and last staff members to interact with guests, so your people skills impact the overall impression of our company’s services for the customer. In turn, that impression has a direct impact on customer reviews and on future business for our organization.

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Restaurant valet business is a growing sector of our business and requires valet staff who can both park cars safely and efficiently but who can also interact skillfully with clients and their guests.

Valet parking is also being offered for corporate events, corporate clients, visits to doctors appointments, travel to local airports and in corporate parking garage settings.

Exemplary Valet Parking Services

Elevating Your Wedding or Special Event Experience

Valet parking for weddings and special events includes careful parking of cars, but also respectful customer service for the event and client.

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