Valet Parking Is an Important Part of Your Restaurant or Event Team

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When choosing a valet parking service for your restaurant or event, there are many companies to consider. We take pride in being the best among them. We consider ourselves to be an important part of your team, and the first and last impression the guest has of their evening.

A professional valet parking attendant is the first impression your guest has of your restaurant or event. We take great pride not only in employing the most attentive, friendly and professional staff but in the training that we provide them.

Experienced valet parking staff will always greet your guests promptly, take their keys, provide
them with their ticket and park their car quickly and safely.

We are proud to say that we go above and beyond. In addition to these basic and important skills, our staff is trained in many other areas of valet service.

We perform a visual inspection of the outside of the car in the few moments that it takes the guest to approach the valet station, gather their things and exit the vehicle. Are there pre-existing scratches or dings that could cause a complaint? We point those out to the guest so that they are aware of them when they hand over their vehicle. Are their brake lights working properly? Does a tire appear to be low on air? The guest may be unaware of such things.

Customer service training is an area that many valet parking companies only touch on.

A friendly demeanor at drop-off and a quick and pleasant pick-up is all that many guests expect. Our valet attendants are trained to quickly inspect the interior of the car in much the same way that they inspect the exterior. A quick check of the center console often reveals wallets, cell phones, sunglasses, and even event tickets. The back seat and foot-wells can hide purses, jackets, and gifts. Checking these areas for forgotten items greatly decreases guest stress.

Our staff is also fully briefed on many aspects of your location or the event which we are servicing.

Arriving guests may ask for the closest restrooms or a smoking area. Departing guests may need directions to the freeway or recommendations for well-rated local nightlife. Knowledge of the event location can make the guest’s first and last impressions a positive experience.

There are many ways that restaurant managers and event directors can increase the professionalism and effectiveness of their valet parking staff. Restaurant managers can include the valet staff in the pre-service meeting and tasting. In the few moments that we interact with your guests, valet attendants get a surprising amount of questions about their favorite menu items.

Event directors can inform the valet attendants to notify them of the arrival of important guests such as the groom’s grandparents or a headliner’s friends. This allows our staff to give the grandparents the additional care they deserve, or the friends the VIP treatment that your headliner has planned.

We hope that this window into the operations of a well-trained valet parking staff has helped you see professional valet service as an important and integral part of your team.
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